Same-sex marriage in Canada

Give me a country where same-sex marriage and adoption are an indisputable reality.


Same-sex couples are authorized by law to benefit from the same rights to marriage and adoption as the “other” couples. It’s already been 8 years! Justice courts in Quebec launched the movement in 2004 and a federal law was issued in 2005. It’s one of the main reasons why so many same-sex couples decide to visit the country or even to immigrate.

Did you know that Montreal was considered the second gay city in the world after San Francisco? Nightlife and cultural life in its “Village” are famous throughout the world. Thousands of tourists invade it each year to take part in Divers Cité festival ( And it’s only one aspect of the phenomenon.

Foreign same-sex couples have the possibility to enjoy the social advance of Canada. Gay and lesbian couples from all over the world are allowed to get married here, even without Canadian citizenship. Many homosexual couples, American and other, choose to do it. For some, this open-mindedness is a motive to apply for permanent residence: formalities are the same as for any other couple, the notions of family sponsoring and de facto spouses are used.

The traditional representation of the couple has changed, it’s a fact. Scientific progress and ethic questioning in the field of medically assisted procreation contributed to the fact that having two dads or two moms is considered normal by the whole Canadian society. In Montreal today, one couple out of three applying for the adoption of a child is homosexual!

When the debate is raging in France, it seemed important to assess the social integration of same-sex couples here…

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