The Montréal Expos

In 1969, the Montréal Expos were established as part of a Major League Baseball (MLB) expansion, and became the first team outside the US. For 36 seasons the Expos made Montréal cheer. Due to numerous victories and various exploits, including winning the East Division title in 1981, the inhabitants of Montréal gave them the nickname “nos amours”. Nine former members of the Expos have been elected to the Hall of Fame, including franchise legends Gary Carter, Andre Dawson and Tim Raines.

In 2004, the franchise relocated to Washington and became the Washington Nationals. They played their last home game against Florida Marlins and lost 1-9.

Nowadays, Montréal is the largest city in North America without a baseball franchise in Major League Baseball despite the enthusiasm of Montréal inhabitants. Canada’s only MLB team is now the Toronto Blue Jays.

Mr Warren Cromartie, a former Expos hitter decided to try and bring baseball back to Montreal and so created the Montréal Baseball Project (Projet Baseball Montréal or PBM) in 2012.

The project is well appreciate by Montréalers, a Website and a fan club are already set up. They sell Expos merchandise on an online shop to help the project to gain traction.

The project plans to build a stadium of 36000 seats and 60 luxury boxes for over $1 billion. The association of PBM has filed the business plan with the Major League Baseball, but the one remaining missing piece to launch the team is the money.

Numerous funding efforts are now underway, including plans to crowdsource money in return for naming/personalising individual bricks in the new stadium.

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