Montreal: the world’s second largest francophone city

When knowing Montreal is the second largest francophone city in the world (source: ) after Paris, and North America’s largest, it now makes more sense that such a large group of French immigrants arrive each year to live in Montreal and throughout the rest of the Quebec Province.

It is true that few francophone African cities have a bigger population than Montreal, notably Abidjan and Kinshasa, but those cities have fewer mother-tongue French speakers than Montreal. Moreover, Montreal can offer to most people a better lifestyle and employment conditions than Abidjan and Kinshasa.

According to Statistics Canada, as of July 2009, Montreal has also become Canada’s second most populated city, with over 1.9 million people.

French and English are the dominant languages spoken at home, French with 52.4% and English with 12.5%

Numerous industries such as commerce, aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, culture, tourism, film and other world affairs make it a significant player in the business world, attracting workers from all over the world who immigrate or relocate to Montreal.

There are 40,000 French citizens who are registered in the Montreal French Consulate and it is estimated that in the past 10 years there has been an increase (+72%) of that number.  With the French that are not registered it is estimated there are actually over 80,000 French people living in Montreal itself (Source:

Although Montreal is the land of opportunities for numerous nationalities, its strict immigration application process encourages the applicants to have a basic knowledge in French, so as for them to better integrate into the local society and perpetuate the French language who is strongly subjected to the surrounding English provinces and the American border.  Once again, French immigrants are runner-ups for being accepted by the local authorities to live in Montreal and participate in the positive development of this metropolis.  Could this be due to the fear of numerous francophone Quebecors’ who feel the French language is endangered in Montreal (Source: Le Devoir )?

With the increasing dominance of English throughout the world, how long will Montreal be able to hold its rank as second largest francophone city in the world?

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