Ice Hockey in Canada

Coming to Canada, you expect changes in your life, not only personal or professional changes, but also cultural changes.

How can I talk about Canada without talking about ice hockey in Canada? Ice hockey was created in eastern Canada in around 1810. The first recorded hockey games were played by British soldiers stationed in Kingston and Halifax during the 1850s.

Montreal plays an important role in the history of hockey in Canada; the first organized indoor game took place in Montreal, on March 3, 1875.

And then, in 1909, was found the Montreal Canadiens (Les Canadiens de Montréal). Montreal Canadiens are one of the biggest ice hockey teams in Canada.

As you may have guessed, they are established in Montreal. Montreal Canadiens have won 24 championships.

Hockey in Canada is like a religion, like soccer may be in Italy or Brazil, here, people live, cry, shout, eat hockey. From October to April, 82 hockey games are played; what occupies a good deal of the winter.

As hockey was created in cold regions, it is a good opportunity to meet people, to talk about players, eating some nachos and drinking a beer.

Hockey in Canada is not only a sport, it is a social phenomenon, it brings people together and it is entirely part of the culture.

Even though winters are cold in Canada, if there’s one thing that can motivate Canadians when it’s freezing outside: hockey games.

People invade pubs or any place where the games are shown. It took me a while, but now, I watch Montreal Canadiens

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