From blogging to jamming: The roller derby girls are on the track

Ten sexy-sporty girls running and pushing each other on old-school roller skaters: sounds like crazy fun?

In North America they call it Roller Derby. It is a sport, mostly practiced by women.

A team consists of 4 bloggers (also called the pack), 1 jammer (her helmet has a star) and up to 9 substitutes. The game takes place on an oval skating flat track, in which the teams do their laps in the same direction.

At the beginning of a match the two jammers have to start after the bloggers because the object of the jammers is to overtake the 4 bloggers of the opposing team. But the bloggers will try to prevent that and support their own jammer. You can imagine that the games are chaotic and fouls are inevitable.

In some leagues the penalties for fouls can be somewhat amazing like a pillow fight, arm wrestling or tug of war. This turns the games into entertaining events, to say the least!

A match consists of 2 half times and each 30-minutes half time is divided in so called “jams” of 2 minutes max.

The goal of the game is for the jammer to overtake as many bloggers of the opposing team by running rounds.

Inspired by the scene of rockabilly, punk, pin-up, the 80s and horror movies, the girls choose their outfits, make-up and their nicknames, which they post on the back of their panties or skirts. So every Roller Derby girl creates her own role and plays it.

If we have aroused your curiosity, have a look at this video, or even better, buy some tickets for a local game. There are over 100 Roller Derby leagues all over Canada and the season lasts from April to September!

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