3 Ski Resorts In Quebec You Can Take Your Kids To

What better way to have some family bonding time than to learn new things together? If you can’t tell the difference between green and black pistes or — don’t worry, these Ski Resorts in Quebec have qualified bilingual instructors to explain everything both to you and your kids. You 'll also find ski lessons [...]

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Getting a driver’s licence in Québec

In Québec, like everywhere else, there are laws to follow if you want to drive. If you have just arrived in Québec from another country or province and already have a driver’s licence, you just need to exchange it at the SAAQ or pass an exam. For more information about the exchange, read our [...]

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Quebec Health Services: CLSC and CSSS

When you relocate to Quebec, health services other than the medicare system are available to you and your family through the RAMQ. It is important to know your options, as there may be additional health services that you require, and instead of going to a clinic (public or private), you may be able to [...]

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A weekend getaway in a cottage in Québec

One of the most typical things to do when you live in Canada is to leave for a weekend in a cottage in Québec or the Great Lakes region to discover the natural beauty of the country. As the landscapes change with the seasons, you can go any time of the year. There are many [...]

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Health Insurance Card in Québec: RAMQ

In Québec, the RAMQ Health Insurance Card (Régie de l'assurance maladie Québec), gives all cardholders access to a range of healthcare services covered under the Québec Healthcare Insurance Plan. The services include medical, dental, optometric and pharmaceutical services, and by presenting your RAMQ card you will not be billed for the services covered. You can see [...]

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Enjoying nature in Québec: the SEPAQ Parks

What did you think Canada was like before moving here? Something like cold climate, permafrost, immense landscapes, wild animals, silence, harmony, huge distances, or even “nothing but nature”. That is exactly the point! Canada is the second largest country in the world with huge areas of pure and impressing nature. You probably live in [...]

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How to get a driver’s licence exchange in Québec

As I already mentioned, Quebec might have different highway rules than the ones of your country. Some might decide that they don't need a car as public transports are very convenient, but others might need a car for their work, personal life or just because they are used to driving and want to keep this habit. According to your home country, regulations will apply, and you might be able to get a driver's license exhange.

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Quebec Healthcare System

When relocating to Canada, it is necessary to learn about the healthcare system, as it will probably be different from the country you are coming from. The RAMQ - the Quebec Health Insurance Board (Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec in French) - is the public office that maintains the Quebec healthcare system, offered [...]

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