Telecommunications costs in Canada

When you move to Canada, you will have to deal with a lot of formalities: bank account, schooling for children, RAMQ, car insurance… Some are obvious, but you could forget about some others that we take for granted like phone or internet subscriptions. Today we look at the costs of telecommunications in Canada.

Firstly, televisions, mobile phones (“cellulaires” in Quebec), phone and internet are far more expensive in Canada than in Europe.

There are two main companies that propose the whole range of services (internet, TV, phone, mobile phone): Bell and Vidéotron. Other companies offer only television or phones, such as Roger, Fido or Virgin. If you buy a bundle of services all through the same provider, you are looking at roughly $150 per month for the basic packages (including internet, TV, phone and mobile phone).


  • In Canada, if you haven’t got a cable subscription, you will only have 5 channels, with the antenna connection. However, this option is disappearing with new technologies and offerings, such as online streaming services. You do not pay any usage fee, unlike some European countries.
  • When you have a basic cable subscription, you will have access to around 20 channels (as TNT in France)
  • If you call a telecommunication company like Bell to install your cable, you will pay around $25 a month for basic channels without the installation fees. The more channels you have, the more you pay.

Phone / internet

  • For mobile phones, the average price is around $60 a month for free calls and text messages everywhere with 3GB of internet. Be aware that because of competition between companies, offers often changes. Stay alert and don’t hesitate to negotiate for a reduction, or switch providers to get the best deal.
  • For temporary residents like interns or student you will have access to only one company for your mobile phone: Fido. It is around $50 a month for 1GB of internet, 500 minutes of calls and free text messages all over the world.
  • For a basic home phone package, the price is about $40 a month, but telecommunications companies encourage you to buy home phone subscriptions as part of wider bundles, which makes it much cheaper to do so. Factor in installation fees of around $50.

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