Walk On: Walkability in North American cities

Good news: no need to have a car to live happily in North America. Come to Canada and take a walk on the mild side!

Canadian cities in particular have a lot to offer to people who want a more sustainable lifestyle for their families. Both Canadians and expats are turning their backs on car-dependent Suburbia to return to central, safe, and “walkable” neighbourhoods, looking for shorter commutes, arts and crafts shops, farmers’ markets and local community lifestyles.

Improving your quality of life, now the #1 criteria when choosing where to live, was most likely an important motive in your decision to move abroad. Once in Canada, you too will probably want to “drive less and live more”.

The phrase was coined as a slogan by WalkScore, a website rating North American cities and addresses according to the number and proximity of amenities in the vicinity: schools, restaurants, cafés, car and bike sharing systems, public transportation, grocery stores, artisan shops…

The company explains: “WalkScore measures how easy it is to live a car-lite lifestyle—not how pretty the area is for walking”. It will never replace the human analysis of your personality, values and needs by a realty or relocation professional. Still, it’s a good starting point to understand the lifestyle of your future neighbours!

From Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal, to Toronto’s Bay Street and Church Younge Corridors, or Vancouver’s West End and Strathcona – all rated more than 90/100 – welcome to your new life made up of Sunday brunches, morning strolls to daycare, afternoons on cafés’ terraces, and running into your neighbour at the organic greengrocer’s!

Bonus: Top 10 of  “walkable” cities in North America

-New York City  85.3

-San Francisco  84.9

-Boston  79.2

Vancouver  78

-Chicago  74.3

-Philadelphia  74.1

-Seattle  73.7

-Washington DC  73.2

-Miami  72.5

Toronto  71.4

Montreal  70.4

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