Healthcare in Nova Scotia

The healthcare in Nova Scotia is administered and directed by the Medavie Blue Cross (on behalf of government of Nova Scotia) and the Department of Health and Wellness. Healthcare in Nova Scotia is available to eligible residents of the province, and as a provincially funded public healthcare system. This means that the cost of the health insurance in Nova Scotia is paid for through the general revenue that the province receives, you do not pay a premium. You may want to consider getting private health insurance for your family as the public health insurance does not cover al costs. The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. Offers a list of private insurers, making it easy to find a policy that fits your needs.

Medical Services Insurance:
Medical Services Insurance in the name of the public healthcare system in Nova Scotia. The health insurance plan covers (with some restrictions), medical, dental, hospital and optometric services that are deemed medically necessary. To be eligible for this you must:
 make your permanent residence in Nova Scotia
 be physically present in the province for 183 days every calender year
 registered with the MSI program to obtain benefits

Nova Scotia Health Card:
The Nova Scotia healthcare card contains your insurance information, as well as photograph, birth date, address, and donor status (1=all organ donation, 2=organ donation with exceptions). Each of your family members will receive their own health cards becuase the information is individual. If you lose or damage your card, or if it is stolen, or your information changes, call 1.902.496.7008, or (toll free within Nova Scotia) 1800.563.8880. Your expiry date is also issued on the health card, and 3 months before this, you must complete the Health Card Renewal form, sign it, return it to the MSI, and wait for your new card to be mailed, in order to make sure your insurance with the public healthcare system remains valid. It is important that you always have your healthcare card with you! At medical appointments you will need to present it in order to receive insured visits.

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