Public holidays in Canada

Moving to Canada with your family is a big adventure, a big change in your routine. Even though you want to move, your children might be a bit reluctant to the idea of leaving their friends, school and habits. An important thing for the whole family is to be united. Moving to Canada can be scary, especially if you think that you don’t have enough time to spend with the ones you love, due to a new job, a new country and new friends.

Public holidays in Canada will be a way to discover the country’s culture and spend days with your family. Depending on the province you live in, public holidays in Canada are different.

There are mainly 19 public holidays in Canada, some for the whole country, while some apply only to a province or another.

Canada day (video)

Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st and is the occasion for several parades and attractions throughout the country.

As in many anglophone countries, boxing day and thanksgiving are celebrated in Canada.

Here is a list of public holidays in Canada (list subject to changes)

New Year’s Day (National) Jan. 1

Good Friday (National) April 2

Easter Monday (National) April 5

Victoria Day (National) May 24

Patriots’ National Day (Québec only) May 24

Québec’s National Holiday (Québec only) June 24

Canada Day (National) July 1

Civic Holiday (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland & Labrador) Aug. 2

Natal Day (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia) Aug. 2

New Brunswick Day (New Brunswick)Aug. 2

British Columbia Day (British Columbia) Aug. 2

Heritage Day (Alberta) Aug. 2

Discovery Day (Yukon) Aug. 16

Labour Day (National) Sept. 6

Thanksgiving Day (National) Oct. 11

Remembrance Day (National) Nov. 11

Christmas Day (National) Dec. 25

Boxing Day (National) Dec. 26

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