Choosing Canada is choosing Quality of life!

According to « Natural Resources Canada » the term ‘quality of life’ is used to measure the well-being of individuals, describing their opinion of their living environment. Clearly, by moving to Canada, people are choosing Quality of Life above many other factors.

Numerous surveys are conducted yearly on the reasons to choose one city versus another. Among the most interesting are the ones which take into consideration different aspects (housing, education, employment, etc.) that really affect the liveability level of a city.

The 2010 Global Liveability Report does just this through 5 main categories (stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, infrastructure) and has published the 2010 results of the top 10 ranking liveable cities worldwide.

According to this survey, numerous Canadian cities offer such a haven.  Vancouver being on the top of the list globally, we will devote to it a full blog entry.  The other cities present in the rankings, such as Toronto, Calgary and Montreal, will also be introduced in later blog entries.

Another interesting study is the one HSBC International has conducted to evaluate the best places in 2010 for expatriates to live globally.  Canada came once again in the top leaders, not necessarily for the highly expected expatriate salaries but for reasons such as the high quality accommodation, facility to make local friends and the very competent Canadian cities’ administrative services offered (Source:

Although the above reports do not have the exact same criteria they do agree that Canada’s quality of life is exemplary.

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