Helping your Transferee Overcome Loneliness

Every year, Canada helps people from all over the world immigrate to our provinces for economic reasons. Many of the Provincial Nominee Programs target business people and skilled workers who already have job offers within the nation's borders. While immigrating to Canada can provide wonderful career opportunities for employees, and the chance to explore a new, rich [...]

Inform your Transferees About Worker’s Rights in Canada

Every country has its own set of employee rights and standards. While each strives to ensure the safety and fairness in the workplace, subtle differences could create issues for your transferees - especially if they aren't aware of Canada's specific laws and guaranteed rights. A smooth relocation means helping transferees understand worker's rights in Canada. If [...]

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Why You Should Conduct a Relocation Pre-Decision Assessment

International relocation is here to stay. Companies opt to relocate employees to gain competitive advantages, like expanding foreign markets, training employees on international trade, and improve relationships with foreign clients, and share technical and managerial expertise. But these benefits can quickly be undone if costly employee relocations fail. Initially, your employees may be excited [...]

Why Using a Relocation Specialist May Persuade your Prospective Transferee to say “Yes”

Using a relocation specialist to oversee the relocation process may be the missing piece of the puzzle, when your company is looking to transfer employees. Experts in relocation can help relieve the stresses on both HR departments and transferees. They are there to manage all the big steps of the move, and provide answers [...]

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Is a Lump Sum Relocation Allowance Really the Right Way to Go?

Lump sum relocation allowances are exactly what they sound like: an employer cuts a check to their employee for a single sum of money instead of providing funds to specific aspects of the relocation, like exploration trips, flight tickets and moving expenses. In these situations, employees are free to use (and responsible for using) the [...]

The Importance of Cultural Integration for Transferees to Canada

When you’re planning to relocate your valued employees to your local office in Canada, cultural integration for transferees is as important, if not more important than hammering out the logistics of the physical move. You may have taken care of all the visa and permit formalities, found the perfect moving company, and helped your transferees secure [...]