Where to find a good baby-sitter in Canada

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When you arrive in a new city you lose all your points of reference and need to discover a lot of things by yourself. But if you have little children it can be more difficult because you just can’t leave the house without them and sometimes you can’t bring them everywhere you go. In this case, you will need a baby-sitter. If you don’t know anybody in town, it is difficult to find somebody that you can trust to take care of your children. Luckily there are some solutions.

You can start by asking your children’s school. Other parents probably have or know a baby-sitter in their circle and will be happy to give you her/his phone number. Teachers and staff members must also know where to find a good baby-sitter, you can ask them.

If your child hasn’t started school yet, you can search online. Some websites are specialized agencies for nannies and baby-sitters like nannyservice or sossitter. You enter your postal code and the type of service you want (they have also housekeepers, tutors, etc.) and you get a list of available baby-sitters near you with their picture, experience, asked salary and a short presentation. You can choose the one that you like the most and contact her/him. To get this service you will have to pay a subscription by month or week depending on the website and on your needs. For more information click here for nannyservice and here for sossitter.

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For a free service you can also search on websites like kijiji or craigslist. On these websites you simply enter your city and the type of service that you need, and you will find different profiles of baby-sitter that you can contact immediately. The only difference is that the profiles are not verified by specialists.

With most baby-sitters, you can discuss the price, but usually it does not go under 10$ an hour. Once you have found the right baby-sitter, the one that your children like, don’t let her go! Keep her phone number and maybe introduce her to newcomers like you.

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