Skydiving and free-fall simulator in Montréal

Once you have taken the huge step of moving into a new country like Canada, you are ready for all kinds of adventures! And what’s more exciting than skydiving? Gather all your courage and jump!

There are two skydiving schools near Montréal: Nouvelair and Parachute Montréal. Both offer approximately the same services in a variety of different packages. If you are interested, you can make a reservation online or by phone.

After the safety presentation, you suit up with a skydiving jumpsuit and board the plane. It will take you up to approximately 4000 meters, where you will jump. When you’re ready and well tied to your instructor, you can jump and enjoy the fall! After about a minute, the instructor deploys the parachute and you soar for a couple more minutes before landing back on terra firma. With Parachute Montréal you can also opt to jump from 5500 meters, where you will need an oxygen supplement. You can also ask for photos and videos taken by the team, but you will have to pay a little bit extra.

If you want to experience the sensation but are afraid of the height, find it too expensive, or want to do it during the winter, another option is the free-fall simulator at Skyventure. The sensation will be similar, as you are lifted into the air by a powerful vertical windtunnel at 175 km per hour. It is much cheaper than real skydiving, approximately $62 for two flights.

The two skydiving schools are about 45 min away from Montréal by car, while Skyventure is a bit closer, in Laval. Whatever option you choose, the adrenaline rush is guaranteed!

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