Get To Know Montreal’s New AZUR Metro Cars

Published the Tuesday 15 March 2016 by at 12:29 in Montreal, News, Province of Quebec, Transport, | No comment .

If you navigate Montreal via the STM metro, you may have caught a glimpse of a rare, shiny and new metro car whizzing through the tunnels. These are the first of the AZUR metro car trains that will soon be populating Montreal! The new state-of-the-art AZUR  cars are replacing the current MR-63 cars, which have been running on Montreal since 1966 (and let’s face it, their age is showing). Here are some exciting facts about them.

Cool New Features:

The new AZUR metro cars have a handful of features that make riding more convenient, comfortable and easier. For starters, the modern nine-car “boa” design allows riders to move easily from one car to another, even from one end of the train to the other. The open concept also accommodates 8 per cent more passengers. The state-of-the-art ventilation system adjusts depending on how many riders are on board. The cars also boast 27 per cent wider doors, for less crowded entrance and exit, and clearly visible grips and handlebars for universal accessibility. The pneumatic suspension system provides a smoother ride and the panoramic windows are graffiti and scratch resistant. For comfort, seats are built in an ergonomic position, and for added security the cars have three times more intercoms and four surveillance cameras.

Environmental Benefits:

Rest assured that when you finally get the opportunity to ride in an AZUR metro car, you will be contributing to a healthier environment. The cars are made with 60 per cent local content from Canada, including equipment that is 92.5 per cent recyclable. Best of all, they are entirely powered by hydroelectricity, a green and eco-friendly energy source.

Launching the AZUR metro cars:

While a few new AZUR metro cars hit the Orange Line tracks in February (during off-peak hours), the others have not yet been launched. Once the new cars are tested, and they go 61 days and 5,000 kilometers without a break in service, you can expect the addition of 12 more cars this year. When all 51 per trains are released by September 2018, they will run on the Orange Line and Blue Line. A few of them will also run on the Green Line. Other old Green Line trains will be replaced with new ones currently running on the Orange Line.

We hope you enjoy your experience riding the STM metro in Montreal!

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