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Once a year, you have to fill up an income tax return for the government. It is an obligation as a worker in Canada whatever your status is. At each payroll that you receive, the government deducts automatically the taxes and when you send your tax return a certain amount of these taxes will be returned to you. Most people use a society of accountant to help them, but it is possible to do it yourself.

In fact, fulfilling a tax return is not really complicated but it is long and tedious. Before starting, you will have to make sure that you have in your possession every document that can be asked and every information like your social number with you. It is really important all year long to keep every medical bill, metro tickets, proof for any charitable donation you made, and every payroll statement among other documents.

When all the papers are ready you need to download a program that will help you doing your tax return. There are four main programs:

Filing Taxes - 1040 Form

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Each of these programs allows you to determinate the refundable tax credit that you can have depending on your situation by asking you some questions. Then you will have to fill up the form itself with all your information.

Mostly you will have to pay for these programs but it is still cheaper than paying for an accountant. However if your statement is really simple or if it is your first statement, it can be free with certain programs.

If you follow all the instructions and have all the necessary documents it will be easy to fulfill your statement and get your credit!

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