RAMQ’s waiting period

Published the Friday 6 November 2015 by at 12:49 in Administrative, Health, Locations, Montreal, Province of Quebec, Quebec city, Relocation, Topics, | No comment .

The health insurance in Canada is a very well organized system made to be as free as possible for anyone who lives in the country.

Living in Quebec allows you to beneficiate automatically from the health insurance: RAMQ. Automatically doesn’t mean immediately because you will have to wait to receive your card to be covered by the insurance.  The length of this waiting time also depends on the country you come from, each country having a different arrangement with Quebec concerning the health insurance.


During this waiting period you are not covered by the health insurance, therefore it is really important to subscribe to a private insurance. If anything happens to you during this time and you are not insured, you can pay a lot of money to receive the care that you need.

It is important to know exactly how the system works to be sure to beneficiate from it as much as you can. Visit the RAMQ website to know if some conditions apply to your origin country by clicking here.

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