Car2Go: Car sharing in Canada

Car2go is a car sharing service offered in Montréal and other North American cities. In Canada, it is available in the cities of Montréal, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary. The principle is the same as the BIXIs (for bike) but it is for cars, on self-service. Those cars are the Smart models, so it’s easy for you to park it everywhere. Through your smartphone, you can easily see what cars are available close by you and you can reserve a car 30 minutes before your travel as a guarantee, but it is not mandatory – first-come, first-served!

If you want access to this service, you have to register on the website to receive a membership card, which allows you to open the car doors. Car2go don’t ask for a subscription.

Almost 300 car2go cars are available in the city of Montréal. You will be charged only if you use the car; there are no monthly costs. You can park the car wherever you want, as long as it’s in a place where parking is authorized (Car2go pays all the parking costs). However, there are some delimited areas in Montréal, but if you want to visit friends or family who aren’t in those areas, you can do so freely provided you take the car back into the Car2go zone afterwards!

Registration: $5 + tax

Per trip driver protection fee (in lieu of insurance): $1 + tax ($500 deductible in case of an accident)

1 hour package: $15 + tax

1 day package: $69 + tax

Per kilometer after 200 kilometers, per ride: $0,45 + tax

Oil: paid by the company and if you fill the tank you will obtain 20 free minutes! They have a special card exclusively for the oil.

For full rates and costs, visit the Car2go website

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