Corporate & HR

If you are looking for assistance with corporate relocation in and out of Canada, ARIANNE Relocation is here to assist you.

Relocating employees throughout Canada can be challenging for HR. ARIANNE Relocation has developed extensive experience in overseeing and managing domestic and international relocations. Our clients choose ARIANNE to:

  • Coordinate the delivery of destination services around the world
  • Deliver uniform destination services in all major cities across Canada as well as in rural areas through our vast network of partners
  • Manage the entire relocation program, relieving the HR department
  • Control the quality and consistency of the services delivered to the employees
  • Refer trusted suppliers in all areas of the relocation process from movers to cultural trainers

Companies who confide the management of their corporate relocations to ARIANNE Relocation Canada benefit from:

  • Economies of time and money
  • Access to information and statistics
  • Access to expert advice
  • Uniformity in the application of their relocation policy
  • Easy communication with our single point of contact management of accounts
  • Simplified relocation process

The relocating employee also benefits when being relocated with ARIANNE’S help:

  • Easy access to local knowledge
  • Centralized source of information
  • On the ground personalised service
  • Economies of time and money
  • Private counselling

For all those reasons, companies are confiding their relocations in and out of Canada to ARIANNE Relocation.

Contact us to learn how ARIANNE Relocation’s team can be of service to you and your organization.



Thanks to ARIANNE and its competent and knowledgeable team, we were able to find a great home, the right schools for our children and last but not least were able to cope successfully with the local administration in its various forms! The services of ARIANNE were outstanding and made our transition from Germany to Canada smooth and enjoyable. This help was critical and ensured our very successful integration into Quebec. Thank you! Dr Tarik Möröy | President, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM)