5-à-7 in Québec

The working and social culture here in Canada may be different to what you're used to, and there are a lot of things to know about it. One cornerstone of Québec working life is the “5-à-7”, which you will be sure to want to find out more about! After a long day at work, [...]

Visas for Business Relocation to Canada

If you are interested in business relocation to Canada, it is important to be informed about visas for business relocation, so that you can apply for the one that is right for you. While visas can be a confusing, the information below for the basics of different visas for business relocation to Canada will [...]

Do taxes yourself

Once a year, you have to fill in an income tax return for the government. It is an obligation as a worker in Canada, whatever your status is. At each payroll that you receive, the government automatically deducts taxes and when you send your tax return, a certain amount of these taxes will be [...]

Economic context in Toronto

If you want to settle in Toronto to develop your professional skills, you will feel right at home! It is the economic engine of this country and has a population of about 6 million inhabitants. The economic area of Toronto is very strong and has historically shown consistent signs of growth. The Financial sector: [...]

Taxes in Canada

You may find Canada's laws regarding taxes on products and services very different when compared to European countries. The first thing to note is that taxes are set from province to province, so the amounts and quantity of these taxes will vary across the country.  Several are of course the same all across the [...]

At Work in Canada: Tips for the Professional Integration of Expat Managers

Relocating to Canada as a manager may require some adjustment on your part, especially if you come from outside the Anglo-Saxon world. Professional relationships in Canada, much like any other type of social interaction, are solidly grounded on the principles of non-confrontation and non-discrimination. The “politically correct” must be your guideline at all times. [...]

Canada Ranks #3 in Legatum Prosperity Index 2013

The Legatum Prosperity IndexTM 2013 is out, and Canada ranks 3rd in the world for its overall prosperity, right behind Norway and Switzerland. The country’s ranking leaped from 6th to 3rd in just one year, thus confirming its position as the leader of the Americas region. For five years now, the Legatum Institute has [...]

The Basics of Business Relocation to Canada

Business relocation to Canada is perfect for entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors, offering not only great opportunity, but an excellent means of employing competent and qualified staff. The Canadian work force is well educated and highly qualified, which can be attributed to the fact that the Canadian business sector has significant influence over that which [...]

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How to open a bank account in Canada

When moving to Canada, one of your first preoccupations is going to be money!..And if you want to keep and save your money, you will need to open a bank account in Canada. Whether you come from Europe, the USA, Africa or Asia; keeping your bank account in your country will soon become very costly. Indeed, if you want to avoid bank charges and other expensive fees, you will have to open a bank account in Canada as soon as you get all the needed papers.

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